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DIY Window Plug For A Better Nights Sleep

Do you toss and turn all night, battling the symphony of car horns, barking dogs, and late-night revelers outside your window? Fear not, weary soul, for there’s a DIY solution to reclaim your sleep sanctuary: a soundproof window plug!

This guide will equip you with everything you need to craft your own personalized noise-banishing barrier, so you can finally drift off to the sweet lullaby of silence ignoring the sounds of the (more…)

Audiophile Speakers

For those who appreciate the subtle nuances of sound, the pursuit of audio perfection often leads to the world of audiophile speakers. Audiophiles, individuals with a passion for high-fidelity sound reproduction, understand that not all speakers are created equal. Audiophile speakers stand out from the crowd, offering a level of sonic excellence that captivates the discerning ear. In this post, we will delve into the reasons why audiophile speakers are so special and why (more…)

(Via Twice): McIntosh, Krell, Martin Logan and Wilson Audio are among those brands that operate in the rarefied $400 million business of luxury audio in the U.S., where individual components can cost anything from $5,000 to $50,000 or more. Owners of this type of kit are either millionaires or passionate audiophiles — often both.

More than half of sales come via the custom-install channel, which itself is benefiting from the continued recovery of new-home building in the wake of the economic crash of 2008. Virtually all other sales are transacted through high street specialist dealers, but these are becoming scarce and the biggest issue facing the industry is how to introduce potential buyers to the fabulous sound that luxury products offer. Beyond sound quality, these are aspirational products where ownership is a badge of success, like owning a Lamborghini or Bentley. Brand heritage, where and how the products are made, their look and feel are all especially important.

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Howdy folks: I was just going through a lot of older Amplifiers and other gear, and I’ve realized a lot of my old school Banana type plugs were worn out and needed to be replaced. Before I warmed up the soldering iron and got to work, I wanted to get something a bit more up to date, and with better conductivity. I did a bit of research on the best bang for the buck, using industry recommendations and by asking my colleagues who only repair old equipment that they use. There was one clear answer:

Deadbolt Banana Plugs from Sewell Direct. Usually for around $25 USD I was able to get a 12-pair set of 24k gold plated banana plugs as a great upgrade compared to what I was using. The gold plating is on the connector and crimping teeth to ensure great conductivity. 24k is nice and thick and should last for years through the many plug/unplug/re-plug sessions on the road.

It uses Sewell Direct’s Fast Lock tech as a self crimping and very reliable connection point. The old school plugs also use heavy duty brass casings which Sewell says will give maximum durability, which is very important to a company like ProAudio who contracts a great deal of installations every year.

It has a maximum capacity of 8 AWG for fat conductivity–they however recommend 10 AWG. I assume that the slightly thinner gauge of wire makes for easy crimps, and I found that to be true when experimenting with different gauge copper.

I purchased these items in the 12 pair set. Sewell Direct also sells them as 5 pair and 6 pair sets as well.

As a touring audio engineer and massive gear slut, I highly recommend these plugs for your fresh wiring, or repair wiring needs. Available at at places like Amazon. Roadie Approved.


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